Making our debut…

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Making our debut…


…into the world of blogging!

It’s an unusually clear evening here in Ghent, Belgium where we have our office.  We’ve been busy with details of designing a platform that will enable authors and illustrators of children’s books to collaborate freely. We’re passionate about creating an open space where creators from all countries and cultures can publish and build on each other’s work – creations that children and parents around the world can enjoy and benefit from.

During a recent entrepreneurship networking event, we put together a little poster that illustrates our goals for 2016.

New Year's Resolutions

Top left: Goals for 2016
Top right: Love for reading
Middle left: 30,000 parents and 1,000 co-creators
Bottom left: Reaching a worldwide audience
Bottom right: A way for people to freely collaborate

Nieta De Young

Nieta De Young

A fun-loving book addict with a background in PR, information systems and startups. She loves quality content and Telltree’s vision of a world of open, collaborative, multilingual children’s books.

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